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de Rivaz Freddy - Treble

Biography of de Rivaz Freddy:

Freddy de Rivaz was born in St Albans, England in December 1991. His musical talents were evident at an early age on the drums where his remarkable sense of rhythm and contrast livened up many occasion. Freddy also had a good voice and in 1999 became a chorister at the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans under Andrew Lucas, Master of the Music. Early on in his career at the Abbey his innate musicality shone through and he could be relied on to sing solos exquisitely first time and with a maturity beyond his years. In 2004 he was selected out of 25,000 original applicants to perform in the opera “The Little Prince” with music by Rachel Portman. Not only was this shown on BBC 2 but they also recorded a CD at Abbey Road Studios. As with so much of his solo singing, the quality of Freddy’s voice is unforgettable and has given great pleasure to many. In choosing songs for this recording, he has selected music with a wide range of appeal that gives him the opportunity to make the songs his own. Boys’ voices do not last forever and it is this unique temporal quality that is captured so well in these songs with Freddy’s voice at its peak. He ended his treble career a few months after these recordings were made with a stunning unaccompanied solo delivery of “Away in a Manger”, each note of which could be heard clearly throughout the Abbey by the 2,000 members of the Christmas congregation.

CD's with de Rivaz Freddy
God Be In My Head - Sacred & Secular Treble Solos

ArtNr. GMCD 7308

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