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Elson Reg - Organ

Biography of Elson Reg:

I am now seventy-two years old. In youth I intended a career in keyboard performance and had it not been for a finger injury at school, I would have taken advantage of a scholarship with the Royal Academy of Music. Instead I became an orthopaedic surgeon. Although I was never formally a pupil of either, I benefited from the friendship and encouragement of two great organists: Dr Peter Hurford who was organ scholar at Jesus College in Cambridge where I was also an undergraduate; he showed me the discipline of musical accuracy, something that I could never emulate; much later Dr Francis Jackson generously allowed me to play at York Minster and he introduced and showed me a more romantic style of organ playing. I express my sincere gratitude to these two men of musical distinction. In semi-retirement my organ playing is complemented by sailing, scuba diving as well as continued research and medico-legal practice, Life is full!

CD's with Elson Reg
Organ Sonatas by Mendelssohn

ArtNr. GMCD 7249

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