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Moscow Symphony Orchestra - Orchestra

Biography of Moscow Symphony Orchestra:

The Moscow Symphony Orchestra (MSO), one of Russia’s Leading orchestras, was established in 1989 as the first independent orchestra in the country. During the years the MSO has not only survived in the period of economic difficulties, but has strengthened its position and become one of the top orchestras in Russia. Since the early 1990s the MSO has been a regular participant in the Moscow musical seasons. The orchestra plays annually about twenty concerts in Moscow’s two best concert halls - the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory and the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall and has its own subscription series. The repertoire includes both traditional and less well- known classical music, as well as the compositions by the contemporary composers. As an active participant in the Russian musical world, the orchestra members also understand the importance of the developing tomorrow’s audience. Thus, the MSO runs special educational programs in the schools. In addition, the MSO regularly welcomes talented young musicians from other countries who wish to train in one of Russia’s top orchestras

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Music by ?mile Jaques-Dalcroze

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