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Orquestra Sinfonica de Mineria - Orchestra

Biography of Orquestra Sinfonica de Mineria:

One of Latin America's most famous orchestras, the 120 member Sinfonica de Mineria is an international orchestra composed of distinguished musicians from all over the world. They meet yearly in Mexico City for a series of orchestral concerts that for many years were under the baton of the legendary Mexican conductor Herrera de la Fuente. The concerts are held in the great Sala Nezahualcoyotl each Saturday and Sunday during July and August with five full days of rehearsals preceding each concert. The concerts have been frequently televised on PBS and the Univision (Spanish speaking network). Seats in the enormous Sala Nezahualcoyotl are frequently sold out weeks before the event.

CD's with Orquestra Sinfonica de Mineria
Symphony No. 5 & Romeo & Juliet by Tchaikovsky

ArtNr. GMCD 7205


ArtNr. GMCD 7211

Carmina Burana by Carl Orff

ArtNr. GMCD 7227

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