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Ruibo Isolda Crespi - Piano

Biography of Ruibo Isolda Crespi:

The duo was founded by Kalliopi Emmanuil and Isolda Crespi Rubio in 2002 in the Royal College of Music where they met. They entered College to study with Yonty Solomon and John Barstow and their duo coach is Andrew Ball. Kalliopi obtained the Soloist Diploma from the Hellenic Conservatoire (Greece) with Distinction studying with Sevasti Manolitsi and Isolda obtained her Piano Teacher Diploma in the Superior Music Conservatoire of Barcelona (Spain) attending lessons with Teresa Ruiz. Kalliopi while in London has also studied with Martino Tirimo and attended master classes with Roy Howat, Cyprien Katsaris and Nelly Akopian Tamarina. Isolda has been coached in chamber music by Ani Schnarch, Yossi Zivoni and Michael Collins and has attended master classes with Joaquin Achucarro. As a duo, they have participated in a master class with Claire and Antoinette Cann. In 2002, Isolda won the "John and Jean Redcliffe Maud prize" in the Contemporary Piano Competition in the Royal College of Music. They have performed both as soloists and as a duo throughout the United Kingdom including venues in London such as St. James Piccadilly, St. Michael's church, St. Lawrence Jewry, St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate, Morley College, Royal College of Music and in Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bristol and Hereford. Moreover, they have performed in several venues in Greece (National Theatre of Rhodes and in the Hellenic Conservatoire of Athens ), Spain (Auditorium Caja Madrid and Foundation "La Caixa" in Barcelona, Colombian Embassy in Madrid) and South Korea. In the near future they are going to play in London, France, Spain and Greece

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Chamber Music and Songs by Hermann von Glenck

ArtNr. GMCD 7286

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