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Søeborg Kasper - Guitar

Biography of Søeborg Kasper:

Kasper Søeborg Ohlsen (born 1956 in Copenhagen,Denmark) son of Bertel Søeborg Ohlsen,concertmaster and cello player in the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, has been playing the guitar since 1970. His introduction to the classical guitar came through Joergen Bjoerslev, in 1981 finalist in the "Hommage a Segovia" competition Granada 81 ,now teaching at Esbjerg Music Conservatory in Denmark. At the age of 16, Kasper also had the renowned Danish guitarist Finn Olafsson as his teacher, but as a whole Kasper Søeborg is self-taught as a musician and composer. Over the years Kasper Søeborg's repertoire has spanned from psychedelic rock to computermusic, so one may say he has emerged from the "melting-pot" of jazz, fusion, flamenco, folk and classical with a style and spirit that is very much his own. From 1983-89 Kasper was able to express this "world-music" via the acoustic guitar trio TIRANDO. From 1989 Kasper Søeborg has been giving concerts in Denmark, Sweden, The Czech republic, Poland,and the Kola-Peninsula Over Moscow to Chuvashia in Russia, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. International promotion at MIDEM (Cannes, France)1995-99. Kasper has been teaching both acoustic guitar and electric guitar for a number of years and is presently tutoring at D.A.R.K (Det Alternative Rytmiske Konservatorium) in Copenhagen. Kasper Søeborg plays a Manuel Contreras ll 1995 guitar,model India and a Sobrinos De Domingo Esteso guitar 1974.

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