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ArtNr. Artist1480

Zolinsky Andrew
In September 1998 by a unanimous verdict Andrew won first prize in 'The San Francisco International Piano Concerto Competition' confirming his emergence in recent years as one of the busiest
Artists: Zolinsky Andrew


ArtNr. Artist1479

Zielinski Warren

Artists: Zielinski Warren


ArtNr. Artist1478

Zela Rico
Rico Zela (member of the Aulos Quartet) was born in Zürich where he grew up and received at an early age a thorough musical education as a member of the
Artists: Zela Rico


ArtNr. Artist1477

Zappa Mattia
“Elegiac minutes…wonderful cello! To listen to this one instrument and its dialogue with the piano for a whole evening – that means not a single second of boredom with the
Artists: Zappa Mattia


ArtNr. Artist1476

Zappa Daria
Daria Zappa was born into a family of musicians in Locarno, Switzerland, in 1976. Her teachers were S. Holm in Lugano and J.J. Kantorov in Salzburg/Rotterdam. After completing the Matura
Artists: Zappa Daria


ArtNr. Artist1475

Zamuruev Rodion
Laureate of the Russian national competition of violinists (1997) Laureate of the International Tibor Varga competition (Sion, Switzerland, 1998); winner of the Special prize for the best interpretation of contemporary
Artists: Zamuruev Rodion


ArtNr. Artist1474

Zacharias Helmut and His Magic Violins

Artists: Zacharias Helmut and His Magic Violins


ArtNr. Artist1473

Zacagni Bill

Artists: Zacagni Bill


ArtNr. Artist1472

Zabach Florian

Artists: Zabach Florian


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