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Sammartini Giuseppe (1695-1750)

Biography of Sammartini Giuseppe:

Born Milan 1695, died London 1750, was a musician whose works, along with his brother Giovanni-Battista, were in great demand in England. According to Burney, Giuseppe came here in 1723, but Hawkins stated the year as 1729, yet his 12 Sonatas were published here on October 16, 1727. Quantz had heard Sammartini in his home town, Milan, in 1726, but in London the composer was championed by Bononcini and Dr. Green, and he landed the post of oboist in the opera orchestra. Together with Arrigoni, they performed concerts which ‘surpassed all that had been before heard, raising it (the oboe) to great importance.’ Having left the Opera, he was patronised by Frederick, Prince of Wales and his wife, holding the position of Musical Director of the Chamber Concerts, as part of their household. Burney heard Sammartini at Hickford’s Room as late as 1744. At the time he had composed several sets of sonatas for flute and violin, and became known as ‘St. Martini of London’ to distinguish him from his brother ‘...of Milan’. Other works dating from this period include a set of sonatas for 2 flutes with thoroughbass, 12 Sonatas for violin - dedicated to the Princess of Wales, 6 Concertos for Violin, Concerti Grossi, Harpsichord Concerti, 6 Solos for German Flute and 6 Sonatas for 2 German Flutes/Violins

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