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Telemann Georg Philipp (1681-1767)

Biography of Telemann Georg Philipp:

Born Magdeburg 1681, died Hamburg 1767, prolific German composer and organist, was self-taught. By consistently studying scores, he became organist at the Neuekirche in Leipzig in 1704, having already written a number of operas. His next post was Kapellmeister at Eisenach from the years 1708-12, then he moved onto Frankfurt, and subsequently became Kantor of the Johanneum in Hamburg, including the music directorship of their five churches in 1721. The following year brought problems when he was obstructed from taking part in opera performances, so he applied for the post of Kantor at The Thomaskirche, Leipzig, where he was appointed in preference to J.S.Bach. Hamburg, then reconsidered increasing their financial offer to retain his services, making him director of their opera. Although his music has been criticised in comparison with Bach’s output, the late Karl Haas considered him a better composer. The latent charm is a constant delight to the ear, and his many overtures, choral music, operas and instrumental compositions number over 700 works.

CD's with Telemann Georg Philipp
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ArtNr. ZZCD 9823

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Pipe Dreams - Music for Flute

ArtNr. GMCD 7390

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