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Wettstein Martin (b.1970)

Biography of Wettstein Martin:

The inspiration for the Roter Raum (Red Room) comes from a contemplative oracle: you lock yourself into a blacked out room, abandon yourself to the darkness, and wait until everything becomes even darker. Then you try and imagine rooms, each one with a colour running through it: a blue, a red, a yellow, a white and a black room. This can create incredible sounds and images, which grow into complex forms, and develop a momentum of their own. Blue can stand for life, red for love, yellow for friends, white for enemies and black for death. These visions inspired me to write a five-part cycle for violin, violoncello and piano with variable players, whose one movement second part is the Red Room for violin and cello, and lasts approx. 6 minutes. (from the booklet of GMCD 7313)

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