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Wieser Gerhard - Viola

Biography of Wieser Gerhard:

Born in Zurich. After violin studies with Françoise Siegfried, Sandor Véhg and Maurice Hewitt (Paris), further education in viola with Léon Pascal, Paris, Ernst Morawec, Zurich and Ron Golasn, Geneva. Studies in harmony with Paul Müller at Zurich Conservatory Viola in the Stadtronorchester Winterthur, after solo viola in the Radio-Orchester Beromünster, Zurich, solo viola at the Tonhalle- and Opera House-Orchestra Zurich. Also solo viola in the Festspiel-Orchestra Lucerne. Member of Collegium Musicum Zurich, conducted by Paul Sacher. Viola in the Piraccini-Stucki-Quarter (Aida Stucki). Many concerts and soloists in dirrerent orchestras. Recordings on discs and for the radio, also of contemporary music. Paul Müller, Wladimir Vogel, Erich Schmid, Paul Hindermith.

CD's with Wieser Gerhard
Music by Paul Müller-Zürich

ArtNr. GMCD 7194

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