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Wood Charles (1866-1926)

Biography of Wood Charles:

Charles Wood was born in County Armagh and succeeded Stanford as Professor of Music at Cambridge. His church music has remained enormously popular in the Anglican tradition, and in 1912 he published a set of Sixteen Preludes for organ, each founded upon "melodies from the English and Scottish Psalters". On GMCD 7122 we can hear two of these, played by Francis Jackson at the organ of Down Cathedral. The 'Prelude on St. Mary' is a remarkable example of Wood's great contrapuntal skill, particularly in the closing pages, and the 'Prelude on York' in contrast unfurls a delicate tracery around aspects of the old theme. Both of these Preludes show Wood's occasional indebtedness to César Franck but are nonetheless individual compositions.

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Organ Music from the Island of Ireland

ArtNr. GMCD 7122

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