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Adlam Derek
Derek Adlam is a performer and instrument maker. Trained in London, his teachers traced their musical ‘ancestry’ to European traditions established by Czerny, Liszt and Clara Schumann. As a child
Artists: Adlam Derek


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Adelphi Theatre Orchestra

Artists: Adelphi Theatre Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist7

Acquaviva and His Orchestra

Artists: Acquaviva and His Orchestra


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Accademia I Filarmonici di Verona
The Accademia I Filarmonici di Verona is regarded as an Old Music Ensemble of international rank. Leading Italian musicians belong to this ensemble, who work as concertmasters of important orchestras
Artists: Accademia I Filarmonici di Verona


ArtNr. Artist56

Aulos Quartet
In uniting the instruments of the oboe family with the cello, the members of the Aulos Quartet are creating a new homogenous and autonomous body of sound in the classical
Artists: Aulos Quartet


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Augmented Hamburg Radio Orchestra

Artists: Augmented Hamburg Radio Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist54

Atwell Winifred

Artists: Atwell Winifred


ArtNr. Artist53

Athenaeum Light Orchestra

Artists: Athenaeum Light Orchestra


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Associated British Studio Orchestra

Artists: Associated British Studio Orchestra


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Associated British Picture Corporation Orchestra

Artists: Associated British Picture Corporation Orchestra


ArtNr. Artist50

Arthur Fiedler

Artists: Arthur Fiedler


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Absolut Trio
The Absolut Trio, founded in 2003, consistently pursues the dialogue between contemporary music and the past, and has already commissioned five compositions. In 2005 the trio caused a sensation at
Artists: Absolut Trio



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