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Fernandez Oscar Lorenzo (1897-1948)

Biography of Fernandez Oscar Lorenzo:

Another very gifted Brazilian composer of the day was Oscar Lorenzo Fernández (1897-1948) who, although his life was tragically cut short at the age of 50, played an equally important role in the development of music in Brazil. After early success as a teacher and composer, Fernández founded the Conservatório Brasiliero de Música in Rio de Janeiro, which he directed until his death. His largest work is a three-act folk opera, Malazarte (1931-33), and in 1941 Fernández extracted a three-movement orchestral suite from the opera, entitled Reisado do pastoreio (Reisado the Shepherd) the last movement of which, Batuque (an Afro-Brazilian dance), became very popular following Stokowski’s championship of it.

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